The PE:Region project

Enterprises on both sides of the Danish-German border hold a strong position of know-how about effective power control and application – from electronic equipment and transportation to industrial production and energy generation. Three million euros granted by the EU and the Region of Southern Denmark to the cross-border Interreg project PE:Region (Power Electronics Region) must ensure that the position of strength is further developed in the years to come and that the strong competences can improve the basis for economic growth and employment. The growth market for renewable and alternative energy, energy efficiency and electromobility is expected to grow considerably in the coming decades. The field, often referred to as power electronics, characterises the Danish-German border region with strong companies and educational institutions and research environments of profound knowledge. PE:Region will provide synergy and a stronger basis for the power electronics players of the region. The overall project objective is economic growth and employment in the Danish-German border region. The PE:Region project is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with grants from the European Fund for Regional Development. Read more about Interreg Deutschland-Danmark at