Work Package 3

Improved frameworks for power electronics manufacturing

The global markets for power electronics components and systems are expected to grow fast in the years to come due to electrification of energy systems and growing demand for energy efficiency. The energy and climate challenges of modern societies will have an impact on this trend and the needs for implementing energy efficient solutions based on renewable energy sources. Thereby, new and multiple power electronics business opportunities are emerging. To enable industry of the Danish-German border region to profit the most from these opportunities, it is necessary to improve the frameworks for power electronics manufacturing. This is the focus of the present work package. Activities comprise:

  1. Coordination of competency development
  2. Input for development of regional power electronics networking and inter-clustering activities from a cross-border and cross-sectorial perspective.
  3. Overview of existing laboratory and test facilities.
  4. To raise awareness of the Danish-German power electronics industry.
  5. Development of innovation projects.
  6. Monitoring market trends.

Work Package 4