Work Package 4

Innovation for efficient conversion of electrical energy – from excellence in components to innovative applications

In general, the power electronics industry of the Danish-German region holds a strong market position within the value chains and product areas in which companies operate. There is a need to maintain innovation at a high level in order to differentiate products on parameters such as built-in intelligence, reliability, strength, and energy efficiency. Therefore, the structure and contents of the present work package is defined in order to improve the basis of innovation for the power electronics industry of the region. The work package comprises:

A.  Applied research into materials and Technologies

  • Materials and electronic packaging
  • Technologies for conversion, control and modelling of electrical energy

B.   Innovative power electronics applications

  • Intelligent grid integration of energy from wind and sun
  • High speed drive – energy efficient, reliable and compact DC-link

High-power onboard bidirectional battery charger

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